NMC Horizon Report: Future Trends in K-12 Education

NMC Horizon Report is an annual publication from The New Media Consortium that reviews major trends, challenges, and developments in educational technology. The 2017 K-12 Edition discusses six different future technological trends in education. Deeper learning approaches is one of the trends that the NMC Report marked as a long-term. In my opinion, this trend is very much related to another Read more about NMC Horizon Report: Future Trends in K-12 Education[…]

EDTECH541 Vision & Mission Statement

The world is not the same as it was fifty years ago.  The fourth industrial revolution has arrived and it will fundamentally change the way we create, live, and educate. All the while, we are witnessing a generation of full ‘digital natives’ entering higher education and soon populating the workforce. According to Weigel, James, and Gardner Read more about EDTECH541 Vision & Mission Statement[…]

First Blog Post

Hi, thanks for visiting my website. For several years, I used this website primarily for my photography. Now, I am planning to use it to document my EdTech endeavors and as a platform for my grad school blogs. The website is still a work in progress, so you will see it change over the time. Read more about First Blog Post[…]