Gamification in Education

With educational technology on the rise in the past decade, one area of edtech is developing quite rapidly – educational gamification. While educators using games in the classroom is not a new idea, bringing digital games into student learning can be rather controversial. Video and digital games have a stigma of being a useless waste Read more about Gamification in Education[…]

Internet Walled Gardens in K-12 Schools

In this VoiceThread, I discuss my opinion on blocking access to certain websites in a school setting a.k.a internet walled gardens.   References: 20% of students involved in cyber bullying: report. (2016, May 10). Retrieved October 12, 2018, from Coughlan, S. (2016, February 9). Young “ignore social media age limits.” Retrieved from Safer Read more about Internet Walled Gardens in K-12 Schools[…]

Acceptable Use Policies in K-12 Education

In 2018, with school-based internet and educational firmly established in almost every classroom, we need a way to ensure that these great resources are used for their intended purposes. Therefore, in order to reap the benefits of technology and the internet in the classroom, while sifting out potential negatives, every school needs to have an Read more about Acceptable Use Policies in K-12 Education[…]